Janice Degamo wants Espenido to be NegOr’s police chief

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Janice Degamo’s Christmas wish is to have someone like controversial anti-drug cop Jovie Espenido lead the Negros Oriental police force.

The mayor of Pamplona town shared why she likes the loyal henchman of former President Rodrigo Duterte.

“Police officers like Col. Jovi Espinido understand the word RISK that comes with his work, understands the word ACCOUNTABILITY towards ones chosen profession, and performs his work remembering the line ‘SO HELP ME GOD ‘ in his oath of office believing that the GOD of Abraham , Isaac and Jacob is the same GOD to whom He entrusts his future,” the politiko said.

“The question HOW TO BE YOU PO? is a line i would like to ask this gentleman police officer. My salute to this God fearing police officer.”

“We need someone like you po in NEGROS ORIENTAL,” she added, calling Espenido an “inspiration” for fellow public officials.

Espenido, who had been a key figure in anti-drug operations, once ended up on the President’s list of narco-cops.