Iloilo town mayor eyes ‘no vaccination, no transaction’ policy


Igbaras Mayor Jaime Esmeralda of Iloilo province may enforce a “no vaccination, no transaction” policy if people remain hesitant about getting vaccinated for Covid-19.

The town has an ongoing information campaign on the government’s Covid-19 vaccination program.

Esmeralda said feedback from the five villages they have covered so far were disheartening. (

“We were surprised by the result. Of the 140 to 150 people surveyed, only 3 agreed to be vaccinated,”he said in the vernacular.

According to the mayor, the vaccines’ possible side effects were the top reasons why Igbaranons were skeptical if not fearful.

Esmeralda said he is willing to be publicly injected with the vaccine together with other local officials to “bolster our constituents’ confidence.”

If this won’t work, he said he may be compelled to enforce a “no vaccination, no transaction” policy.

The municipal government would issue a vaccination card to every resident. The card would indicate the Covid-19 vaccination status of the holder.

Should one fail to present the card when transacting in the municipal hall and other public and private institutions in the town, he/she will be turned away, said Esmeralda