Iloilo submits mass vaccination plan to national task force


The Province of Iloilo could be the first local government unit (LGU) in Western Visayas to have an approved operational plan for the rollout of its coronavirus disease (Covid-19) vaccination program.

On Thursday, Governor Arthur Defensor Jr. submitted the province’s Covid-19 Vaccine Deployment and Immunization Plan 2021-2022 (COVAC PLAN 21-22) to the Department of Health (DOH), Department of Interior and Local Government and the Regional Inter-Agency Task Force.

Defensor also adopted the COVAC PLAN 21-22 of the province through Executive Order No. 036, series of 2021. (

It will synchronize the vaccine deployment and vaccination plan of the province with the direction and objectives of the national government.

COVAC PLAN 21-22 aims to ensure that all eligible citizens in the province will have free, effective, safe and high-quality vaccines against the virus.

The plan includes the following major components:

* planning and coordination

* financing and funding mechanisms

* identification of eligible population

* vaccination procurement and delivery strategies

* cold chain, supply and health care waste management

* human resource management and training

* acceptance and uptake

* vaccine immunization safety monitoring, AEFI/AESI, and post marketing surveillance and management, and pharmacovigilance

* immunization, registration, monitoring and data management systems

The COVAC PLAN will be implemented in three phases. Phase 1 includes the administration of initial doses of the vaccine on a limited basis, with the prioritization of the initial populations of focus. Phase 2 covers the expansion of the vaccination services to a larger population upon the availability of larger quantities of vaccine. The third phase is making the vaccine widely available and integrating it into routine vaccination programs, run by both public and private partners.