Iloilo steps up campaign vs entry of bird flu in the province

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Following the bird flu outbreak in Pampanga, the Iloilo province has raised its monitoring activities to prevent the entry of the virus in the province.

“My office is collaborating with the municipal agriculture officers as well as the Provincial Veterinarian Office,” Iloilo Provincial Agriculture Office chairman Ildefonso Toledo said.

Toledo said that they told the province’s poultry farmers to report right away if they see symptoms of avian influenza virus on the chickens, ducks or quails they are raising.

“If they have noticed any peculiar indication on chickens, ducks and quails that they are raising, they should immediately report it to the municipal agriculture office or to our office so we could verify it and act on it,” said Toledo.

He also said that the province has no history of bird flu virus, but noted that the said virus can attack anytime.