Iloilo City budget row ends as mayor orders allotment release orders

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The row over the 2019 budget of Iloilo City finally appears to be over, with Mayor Jose Espinosa III ordering the preparation of the appropriate allotment release orders for the year.

Espinosa issued Memorandum Order No. 6, ordering the City Budget Officer to prepare and issue the allotment release orders – except for items that he vetoed.

His orders to the City Budget Officer were immediately release upon receipt:

* ARO for personal services and associated personal services costs for the whole year, ARO for maintenance and other operating expenses (MOOE) for the entire 2019
* ARO for financial expenses for the whole year 2019
* ARO for Capital Expenditures.

Earlier, the city council failed to override Espinosa’s veto on the P2.318-billion 2019 budget but the council’s majority bloc erased the mayor’s line vetos.

The majority bloc also passed a resolution directing the Local Finance Committee to observe and implement the 2019 Executive Budget approved by the city council.

Espinosa signed the 2019 annual budget last Dec. 27 but with partial vetoes, including the maintenance and other operating expenses allocation of the City Mayor’s Office.