Iloilo bans quarrying on Sundays and typhoon days; One to sawa pag ibang araw


Quarrying is now illegal in Iloilo province during Sundays and during bad weather, after the provincial government issued an executive order to the effect.

In the executive order issued by Gov. Arthur Defensor Sr., the provincial government regulates the extraction, hauling and transportation of quarry materials.

But he said quarry activities will be allowed on Sundays only if the quarry operator gets a special permit from the Office of the Governor.

Such special permits can be issued only if the applicant can justify that “there is urgent work or delivery to construction projects and that continuous delivery of sand and gravel materials necessary to complete the project, or in similar instances where necessity and urgency are of utmost consideration,” the executive order said.

Violation will be a ground for suspension, revocation or cancellation of quarry permits.

Operators who commit the same offense more than three times shall lose their permit for at least one year.

Defensor pointed out some parties continue with quarrying activities during Sundays, when the Provincial Task Force on Overloading are taking the weekend off (

Meanwhile, Defensor banned quarry activities during bad weather conditions for safety reasons – and to prevent deterioration of roads.

Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office will determine the areas to be covered by the ban.

Also, the order bans trucks carrying wet and dripping sand and gravel materials from passing through provincial roads.

Operators of industrial sand and gravel and commercial sand and gravel and other quarry permit holders shall load extracted materials only on hauling vehicles with corresponding “overloading stickers” issued by the provincial government.

The stickers will indicate the maximum volume of materials to be loaded on the truck.

Meanwhile, Defensor said he plans to deputize the police to help in apprehending violators, but added they need to undergo training.