Ibang level na ito! Cebu exploring ‘travel philanthropy’ tourism

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Cebu province is looking beyond eco-tourism to bolster its efforts to bring in more tourists this year.

The provincial tourism office said it is exploring tapping other forms of tourism currently practiced in other countries – such as travel philanthropy.

“These are high-end, high-value tourists who immerse with the locality,” provincial tourism office head Boboi Costas said.

He said travel philanthropy, which gives back to local communities, is a growing trend in the tourism sector.

With travel philanthropy, he said since the tourists are ready to spend money to give back, with lesser environmental impacts.

Such tourism may offer more revenue for the communities.

But he said the challenge for travel philanthropy is that it needs more time and planning.

Meanwhile, another form of tourism the provincial government is exploring involves geo-tourism, which sustains or enhances the distinctive geographical features of a certain place.

“Geo-tourism is a very broad concept, there is need of scientific inquiry and expertise,” Costas said.

Costas added several tourism practices were discussed the Global Eco-Asia Pacific Tourism Conference in Adelaide, Australia last November 27-29, where he represented the provincial government.

During the conference, he highlighted how the Cebu provincial government scaled up community-based methods on eco-tourism.