Hi-tech! Tommy Osmeña tries out robot-like software for traffic ticketing in Cebu

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Are you ready for this?

Mayor Tommy Osmeña is definitely ahead of his time in thinking about the newest traffic solutions for Cebu City. The politiko announced that they are pilot testing what he calls the “Intelligent Traffic System,” which will use CCTV cameras and artificial intelligence to monitor traffic flow and flag violators.

The intersection of M.J. Cuenco and Carreta will be the pilot testing site.

“Over the next few months, we will be evaluating how well the system works. If it functions as intended, it will be installed in all major intersections as well as high risk areas where it will help deter crime,” Osmeña added.

This intersection at the corner of M.J. Cuenco and Carreta will be the pilot site for a new Intelligent Traffic System…

Posted by Tommy Osmeña on Tuesday, October 30, 2018