Here’s what awaits Edgar Labella after morning jog

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This partly negates the whole point of exercise, but who can blame him?

Mayor Edgar Labella woke up early Saturday for his routine jog at the Cebu City Sports Oval. This weekend, he shared the exercise time with members of the Walk and Talk Friendship Club, who happily made the circuit with the politiko.

Now here comes the game-changer. After they were all hot and sweaty, Labella’s jogging buddy Socrates Yap invited him over for a breakfast buffet.

“No wonder the waistlines are getting bigger inspite of the physical fitness activity,” Labella said upon learning about the group’s modus.

After the jog and walk on a bright Saturday morning, a buffet breakfast at the Parklane Hotel tendered by Walk and Talk…

Posted by Edgar Colina on Friday, 9 August 2019

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