Gwendolyn Garcia is fully subscribed into the good energy brought in by the Lunar New Year.

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The Cebu governor said the province will definitely prosper as the Chinese faithful turned a new page on their calendars.

“This year of the Metal Ox, it has been predicted that the hard work, the calm and the patient nature of the Ox will ensure a rich “harvest” and significant achievements.
That is exactly what we are doing and what is going to happen here in the Province of Cebu!,” the politiko said. “Wishing my beloved Cebuanos a Happy Chinese New Year.”[0]=AZWrkZd2nvG1TH_He3oUX1w-vMuOw10JA0FlANsb4N87XkcSLcwbKMpoPssygWVHWgd2bSIzlHCYCK7xsfezSSFD25jtuUELNCMbrsjRqpjMEJ8OkV3LVWJjwGGcDiz7IXZ573wcEFdSJwx389ixbRAWnihR2ZBFtF9O2elCYzA676JUFTNspfFPenX70FVV3ws&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

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