Gwen to JV: Do something about noisy motorbikes

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Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia has urged Senator JV Ejercito to also advocate against motorcycles with loud exhaust system that produces excessive sounds.

This noise, according to the governor, is “abnormal” and distracts people walking down the street.

Garcia expressed her hope that Ejercito, who is also a rider and had been successful in advocating against “wangwang”, will also focus on this matter. (

“Well, I hope then he will focus on this motorcycle riders, that see to it that when they pass we will think that the Gods of Mt. Olympus are passing by… It really distracts everybody,” the governor said.

“I hope he will call on that and make that also an advocacy so that they will police their own ranks kay it is really such an unwelcome distraction that does not achieve any good purpose,” she added.