Gwen Garcia wants gov’t to change rherotic on vaccination: Incentivize, don’t punish

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Gwendolyn Garcia said the government needs to change its strategy in convincing Filipinos to get vaccinated.

“As far as vaccination is concerned, let it be incentivized rather than punitive,” the Cebu governor said in an interview.

“What do I mean? The same is true if you have been vaccinated, as the incentive is no longer having to do RT-PCR. Shorten your stay in quarantine and all of these other concessions, if you have been vaccinated. It’s not that you weren’t vaccinated in those places. That’s punitive,” she added.

While she wants to be vaccinated, the politiko said she will also uphold the rights of those who refuse – similar to the rhetoric in the United States.

“And you know very well, it’s everyone’s constitutional right to decide for his or her own body. It’s a choice and I will defend that choice.
Me, I will soon be vaccinated, too… But when I get vaccinated, I will still speak up for the unvaccinated if they choose not to get vaccinated,” Garcia added. “We should not punish them. Let it be an incentive for the vaccinated. There’s a big difference. ”