Gwen Garcia spites ‘Yellowtards’ for dismissed cases against her


Gwendolyn Garcia is on a vindication streak in recent weeks, having walked free from two charges before the Office of the Ombudsman.

The Cebu governor proudly shared that she has been cleared of graft charges over the supposedly disadvantageous purchase of the Balili property, as well as the reportedly questionable construction of the Cebu International Convention Center.

“Daghang salamat, pinalanggang SENYOR SANTO NIÑO!,” the politiko said, which he adorned with hashtags: #TheTruthWillSetUsFree, #JusticeWillPrevail, and #NeverAgainToYellowtards. For her, the junked charges came from her detractors and politiko rivals.[0]=AZWiA_7ovKyWfQyIp9O3wdtiko54SHWv5RVveGARYOufT-JY6yEYHQRuW_mxngrc3VTFRNuK-n1q0AzaKFUqU5IB9TzIdHyFhiDfiinFolDng6L65WtNFJ_HHo8gJPN4hx8&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R