Gwen Garcia extends ban on pork from Region 11

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The Province of Cebu is extending the African Swine Fever (ASF) preventive ban following the death of about 1,000 hogs in the Davao region.

Governor Gwen Garcia has signed Executive Order (EO) No. 4 extending the ban on pork, pork-related products, live hogs and commingled meat to the Davao Region.

“In consonance with Executive Order Nos. 13, 13-A, 14, 15, 16, 23 and 27, it is hereby declared unlawful for anyone to bring into the Province of Cebu any and all kinds of pork, pork-related food products, by-products and boar semen from Region XI (Davao Region) and all other meat, chicken, fish, and any other food products that have been commingled with the aforementioned,” the EO read.

The ban, she explained, covers Region 11 for now because the ASF task force is still studying the possible impacts of a sweeping ban of pork products and commingled meat from the entire island of Mindanao. (

“I do not make broad and rash decisions. We always consider very, very carefully the repercussions of whatever decisions we arrive at. We do not make sweeping statements in order to sound good for a good sound byte but when we make a statement, we stand by it,” according to her.

“Unless it becomes necessary to expand it to the entire island of Mindanao, for the time being, the prohibition or the ban will be for the Davao Region alone,” she added.