Gwen Garcia defends move to outsource doctors, nurses in Cebu hospitals

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It worked before and it will work again.

Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia defended her decision to put all medical personnel working for provincial and local hospitals into outsourcing, which made all doctors and nurses not under the employ of the provincial capitol.

While it may sound absurd for some, the politiko said it was actually a more efficient system to follow.

“The explanation is simple. If the DOH guidelines provide for a hospital to have five nurses, for example, and one nurse goes on official business, the other goes on study leave, while the other one is sick, it would be difficult for the hospital administrator to immediately fill in the vacancies for the day under the regular set up of employment. Hiring of new personnel for government hospitals takes three weeks,” Garcia said in a Facebook post. “But with the outsourcing, responsibility rests primarily on the contractor/agency to see to it that all posts are manned all hours of every day, whether it be a nurse, doctor, specialists or even the non-medical personnel.”