Gwen Garcia chooses Daphne Salimbangon as running mate

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Marie Daphne Salimbangon, daughter of Rep. Benhur Salimbangon (4th District), is the running mate of Rep. Gwendolyn Garcia (3rd District), who is running for governor’s office in the 2019 polls.

“Yes, I will run for vice governor,” Salimbangon said in The Freeman article.

She will file her candidacy after the official announcement of the Garcia-Salimbangon tandem today.

Salimbangon said she postponed her November wedding until after the elections to launch a campaign for elected office. “I have to postpone my own wedding. After election na lang. Win or lose the wedding will push through. My partner anyway is very supportive of my political career.”

In 2013, Garcia’s running mate ran for mayor in Boco City but lost to former mayor Celestino Martinez Jr. She also ran for councilor in the same city in 2016, but luck was not on her side again.

“But who knows this time, I will make it. Sincere public service runs in our blood. My father’s brand of leadership and service in the fourth district, I will spread that to the entire province, if given a chance to serve the larger Cebuano community,” Salimbangon said.