Gwen bans aircon use in public vehicles


Public utility vehicles in Cebu will no longer be allowed to use their air-conditioning units, Governor Gwendolyn Garcia announced.

“The virus thrives in closed spaces, such as air-conditioned spaces, especially those without exhaust. So that’s what we’ve come up to protect passengers of public transport vehicles,” explained Garcia.

The drivers of the vehicles will now be made to roll their windows down for ventilation, she added. (

This guideline for mass transport vehicles is on top of the already existing social distancing rule being implemented by the province.

All passengers in buses, jeepneys, taxis, v-hires, and all other public transport vehicles have been required to sit one seat apart from one another.

Adherence to this rule will be checked by members of the Philippine National Police and the military in the designated checkpoints in the province.

As of yesterday afternoon, one case of coronavirus has been confirmed in Cebu.