Guv Cadiao assures Antiqueños amid COVID surge: We know what to do


Rhodora “Dodod” Cadiao confidently claimed she’s on top of the COVID-19 situation in Antique as infections soar.

The governor gave reassurance to residents that they will be able to control and flatten the number of cases in the province after seeing a spike in the past few days.

“We all know that in one way or another each of our territorial jurisdictions have experienced a surge of Covid-19 infection, some have experienced this ahead of the others, and the Province of Antique is experiencing one right now,” the politiko said.

“We ask for understanding, cooperation and guidance as we face this phase of the pandemic, but I know that as One Antique we can overcome this. We know what to do and we had been doing what we can, the best that we can,” she added.

In turn, she asked residents to cooperate, stay home whenever possible, and to observe the minimum health protocols to prevent further infections.