Gumarin enforces ‘new normal’ in Guimaras


The provincial government of Guimaras has strengthened its measures and policies to stop the outbreak of coronavirus disease (Covid-19) and sustain its economy.

Governor Samuel Gumarin issued Executive Order No. (EO) 70 dated October 14, 2020, adhering to the “new normal” in the province which focused on three subjects namely, border containment, travel regulations, and community containment.

“Whereas, it is necessary to determine the prevalence of Covid-19 locally in some population groups, particularly the high risk individuals who have not been diagnosed of Covid-19 in order to know the extent of the threat,” the EO stated. (

It further said, “Whereas, additional measures and policies are necessary to strike a balance between continuing to contain the pandemic and sustaining the economy.”

Under the border containment, there shall be a limitation of ports of entry to Jordan, Buenavista and RORO (Jordan) wharfs. Sebaste wharf in Sibunag shall also be limited to outbound delivery of local produce while Puyo wharf in Nueva Valencia and Tacay wharf in Buenavista shall be limited to incoming construction materials only, provided that prior permission from the Office of the Governor shall be secured. Other borders not mentioned shall remain closed.

The following shall not be allowed entry into or exit from the province, except in cases of medical referral:

* individuals with symptoms referable to Covid-19

* individuals considered suspect/s probable/confirmed case of Covid-19 and not certified as a recovered case by health authorities

* locally stranded individuals, returning overseas Filipinos (ROFs), government personnel or government sanctioned /commissioned individuals and other non-Resident coming from outside the region, to include foreign nationals are to be dealt with in accordance with Executive Order No. 68 issued by the undersigned

* all incoming non-residents allowed entry into the province shall be issued an inbound pass which shall be presented upon entry and exit. All residents ‘allowed’ to depart from the province shall be issued an outbound pass which shall be presented upon re-entry into the province

* All incoming passengers, residents and non-residents alike, are required to fill-up the Health Declaration Card form and to present it upon entry into the province as provided for in Provincial Ordinance No. 2020-04

* An RDT on antibody for Covid-19 shall be instituted as a surveillance tool for undiagnosed cases of Covid-19 among patients undergoing dialysis or chemotherapy outside of the province, all residents employed outside of the province, all non-residents employed in the province, all residents and non-residents who happen to travel for at least 10 times in a month between Guimaras and Iloilo City, residents who have stayed for five days or longer outside of the province, and non-residents who intend to stay for two nights or longer in the province.

Community containment, meanwhile, stated that:

* operating hours for business establishments shall not be earlier than 4 a.m. and not later than 8 p.m. The maximum 50 percent capacity for business establishment engaged in dine-in (food and beverage) shall be observed. Other places, made as a venue for gatherings, to include those devoted for worship must comply with the 50 percents capacity limitation

* sea transport may operate from 4 a.m. to 7 p.m. The restriction on the operating hours of public land transportation however lifted.

* public utility vehicles and passenger motorbancas in the province shall abide without prejudice to any applicable directives promulgated by the appropriate agencies, operate at a reduced capacity of not more than 50 percent of the allowable capacity at a time

* mandatory wearing of face masks and observance of physical distancing