Guimaras mangoes still ‘sweetest’ despite climate change

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Guimaras is known as the Mango Capital of the Philippines because it produces the sweetest mangoes in the country, Governor JC Rahman Nava said.

In a media interview, Nava said the province is particularly focused on the quality of mangoes they produce, rather than the quantity.

“I am trying to emphasize that we have the sweetest mangoes, but we don’t produce much,” according to the governor. (

The mangoes in Guimaras have also been granted the Geographical Indication (GI) tag, which protects the product and ensures its quality.

For his part, Vice Governor John Edward Gando said that farmers follow certain standards from spraying, harvesting, and the post-production process of mangoes.

There is also an existing ordinance that prohibits farmers from harvesting mangoes before 115 days to ensure the quality of the fruit, added Gando.

He acknowledged that climate change has reduced mango production in the province, but reiterated that the quality remains the best.

This year’s Manggahan Festival began on April 29 with a wide array of activities dubbed “Imbukada,” with the highlight set for May 22.