Greg Gasataya is impressed with his wife’s birthday wish


Call it a beauty pageant response but Greg Gasataya knew it was really what her heart wanted.

The Bacolod congressman greeted his dear wife a happy birthday on Facebook, making do as they couldn’t really host a birthday party due to the COVID-19 scare. But what made him fall in love more with his partner is her earnest wish to end the coronavirus panic as early as possible.

“When I asked for your birthday wish, instantly you said good health for everyone and vaccine for Covid-19. To others It may sound like an answer to a beauty pageant question (hich you’re an authority on😃) but with what is happening in this pandemic I feel deep within your heart it’s not just your wish but your fervent prayer as well,” the politiko said, calling her the “Miss Universe ng buhay ko.”

How cheesy!