Gov. Yap denies distributing sardines with his name on them

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Bohol Governor Arthur Yap denied distributing cans of sardines with his name on the label to survivors of Typhoon Odette in the province.

In a video message Wednesday, Yap said the provincial government never distributed relief goods with his name on them. (

“My answer is simple. We did not distribute cans of sardines with my name on it,” according to him.

His “Friends of Art Yap” from Swan Manufacturing Corp. donated the sardines with labels indicating his name for the 2019 campaign, he added.

Yap stressed that no canned goods distributed to Odette victims would bear the name of the governor in 2022.

Meanwhile, Tosen Foods, Inc., which owns and distributes Swan Sardines, said cans of their product marked “from the friends of Arthur Yap” did not come from them.

“We are sad to see photos of Swan Sardines branded with ‘From the Friends of Arthur Yap’ trending. These items are counterfeit and do not represent the Swan Sardines Brand,” they said in a statement.