Gov Tan: Bigger, more adventure-packed Calbiga tour soon

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Samar Governor Sharee Ann Tan on July 18 said she has plans for a bigger and more adventured-packed Calbiga tour for Spark Samar.

The Samar politiko made the statement after a visit to Lulugayan Falls in Calbiga.

Tan said stakeholders discussed how Spark Samar can further assist them.

“Members of the Langon Gobingob Cave Ecotourism Association, Lulugayan Falls Tour Guide Association and Literon Women’s Association also joined us to discuss the current situation of their organizations and pinpoint areas and issues where Spark Samar can help them most,” she said.

“I was very happy to witness the dedication of everyone who joined us and I was even happier to see how eager they were to finally have the chance to promote what Calbiga can contribute to our Spark Samar Development Agenda efforts. With the help of ABSCBN and the full support of Mayor Bebot, the LGU of Calbiga and our community organizations, we are planning to set-up an even bigger, adventure-packed Calbiga tour to add to our Spark Samar circuit this year,” Tan added.