Gov. Lacson sad over ABS-CBN franchise denial


Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson of Negros Occidental respects the decision of the House Committee on Legislative Franchises in denying ABS-CBN a fresh franchise.

In a statement posted on the provincial government’s Facebook page, Lacson expressed sadness over the network’s franchise denial

“The freedom of the press is among the protected freedoms of our Constitution and one of the pillars of a democratic society,” the governor said. (

But, he noted that the franchise to operate a broadcasting company is a privilege granted by the government, and the powers to grant and renew the same are lodged in the Legislative branch.

“As a local chief executive belonging to a co-equal branch, and while I would prefer a different outcome, I will respect the decision of the Legislature,” according to him.

Lacson, however, said that he “feels for those who will lose their employment in this time of pandemic.”

The House Committee on Legislative Franchises voted 70 to 11 to reject ABS-CBN’s franchise.