Gov Garcia warns Toledo coal plant over foul odor


Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia warned the management of a coal plant in Toledo City to address a gas leak that has caused foul smell in the area.

The spontaneous combustion portion of Therma Visayas Inc. (TVI) in Barangay Bato leaked due to an oversupply of coal.

Some residents in Toledo have complained of the foul odor that has emanated from the leak. (

“We determined that the foul stench arose from the spontaneous combustion of the coal of which they had an oversupply,” said Garcia.

She added that TVI had its plants down for two weeks, causing an oversupply of coal when the plants began operations once again.

Remedial measures could have been taken by TVI to avoid causing discomfort to the residents, according to her.

“Should their plants bog down, they should already institute preemptive measures to prevent spontaneous combustion not an oversupply of their coal inventory,” Garcia said.

The mayor also ordered TVI to start giving online transmissions to EMB through the Emission Database Transmission to measure the emissions from two of their plants and determine the air quality of the area.

TVI, for its part, agreed to the order and promised to take immediate remedial measures to avoid similar situation in the future.