Girl power! Mindoro Cong in Taiwan for women empowerment

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Occidental Mindoro Representative Josephine Ramirez-Sato was recently in Taiwan to promote women’s rights.

In her newly created Twitter @CongNeneSato which only has 52 friends at press time, Sato shared her photo of the trip with Taiwan Vice President Annette Lu, the country’s first woman vice president.

“Honored to meet Taiwan’s first woman Vice President, Annette Lu at the CALD Women Empowering Women Conference. Taipei, Taiwan,” the lone district representative said.

Sato served as one of the panelists for the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats-Women’s Caucus Conference where she discussed gender awareness, gender-based violence and Gender Gap in Asia.

“Refuse Abuse! End violence against women,” she said on her post.

The conference themed “Women empowering women: Experiences Across Asia” was held in Taipei from Aug 10 to 14.