Garganera: Osmeña fails to fix Cebu City’s trash problem

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Mayor Tomas Osmeña has failed in solving the garbage problem in Cebu City.

Councilor Joel Garganera made the statement as he criticized the government’s huge spending on waste disposal.

“To me, he is trying to impress that he is a visionary (leader), he is a failure. Ask anybody or anyone around in the City of Cebu… In terms of flood and in terms of garbage. Are we satisfied? Are we contented?” said Garganera in The Freeman report.

The councilor also accused the mayor of mismanagement despite appropriating millions of funds for waste disposal.

Osmeña, he added, spent three times the amount allocated for garbage by the previous administration.

According to the City Accounting Office, the city spent P111.3 million in 2016; P405.4 million in 2017; and P509.6 million in 2018 for garbage collection.

This year, the city allocated P590.5 million for the same.

Garganera, however, said the city only earmarked P157.6 million for waste disposal during the administration of then mayor Michael Rama.