Garcia wants fast-tracking of Minglanilla housing project


Governor Gwendolyn Garcia wants to expedite the socialized housing project in Barangay Tunghaan, Minglanilla, Cebu.

In a press release by Sugbo News, the official news leg of the Cebu Provincial Public Information Office, it was reported that Garcia met with Engineer Giomaar Navaja of 77 Living Spaces, the developer of the housing project.

The governor reportedly asked Navaja to fast-track the program so it “doesn’t remain a dream project.” (

The two also agreed to hand over the processing and securing of developmental permits, building permits, Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board registration, and individual titling to the Cebu Provincial Real Estate Division.

Navaja said the program is feasible owing to the partnership of The Home Mutual Development Fund and 77 Living Spaces.

The housing project is intended for employees of the province.