Galante! Duke Frasco pays for money lost by a local lechon maker to a scam


He felt it was his duty to make up for the huge losses after his name was wrongly used by scammers.

Cebu Congressman Duke Frasco had been on vacation in London when his staff informed him that his good name was being used by a local fraudster who victimized an unsuspecting lechon maker in Liloa.

Business partners Mika Camblindo and Joshua Tapia said they received an order from Frasco for one whole lechon, a lechon belly, a bottle of Jack Daniels, plus P3,000 cell phone load, only to be shocked when they tried to deliver the yummy food to clueless staff at Frasco’s office for a mobile load of Php 3,000.

“As to why this scammer and/or his/her principal would prey upon those trying to make an innocent living, and as to what would motivate them to use and sully my name, is beyond me,” Frasco said.

But he’s not leaving them with nothing. In he comes to save their day (and their pockets).

Once he was back, Frasco ordered two lechons and one lechon belly and had the pair personally deliver the orders for a surprise of their lives.

“To even out their losses of over Php 15,000, I paid for my order in full and gave them an extra Php 8,000 tip,” he said.

Sana all!