Frasco pushes for Liloan City


Cebu Rep. Vincent Franco Frasco (fifth district) is pushing for the cityhood of his home municipality of Liloan.

Frasco earlier filed House Bill No. (HBN) 5031 converting Liloan into a component city of the Province of Cebu.

For a municipality to be converted into a component city, it must first meet the requirement of an annual income of P100 million and a total population of 150,000.

As of the latest data in 2018, Liloan has earned an annual total revenue of P103 million. (

Liloan’s population as of the 2015 Official Census of Populations and Households is 118,753 and is projected to rise to 155,838 by the year 2020 with a recorded 3.6 percent growth rate.

Frasco said the upgrading of Liloan’s status is necessary for its capacity-building.

“This conversion of Liloan from a municipality to a component city cannot be any more delayed because such conversion will greatly boost the capacity of the local government unit to address and to respond to the increasing needs and demands of its constituents, investors and other visitors amid ever changing economic and political landscapes,” he explained.

His proposal would open many opportunities for Liloan to grow economically.

“Cityhood will undoubtedly open the floodgates of a multitude of economic opportunities for the people of Liloan, which will ultimately redound to the improvement of the delivery of services, but most of all, to the betterment of the quality of life of the people of Liloan and those living in its neighbouring communities,” Frasco added.