Former Iloilo politiko charged with graft over misused PDAF


Former Iloilo City Representative Rolex Suplico has been indicted by the Office of the Ombudsman in connection to the supposed misuse of his pork barrel fund.

The Iloilo politiko was charged with one count of graft over the alleged anomalous use of P14.7 million of his Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) in 2007.

The Ombudsman said the P14.7 million was transferred to the Technology and Livelihood Resource Center (TLRC) for livelihood and development programs in Iloilo City but they remain unliquidated.

It added that TLRC did not have a business permit since 2004.

“There is no evidence showing that respondent Suplico exerted efforts to ensure that AARON liquidated the P14,700,000 which could only mean that he benefitted from the transaction or that he was grossly negligent. It is emphasized that respondent Suplico is accountable for the funds because he has control and actual custody of the funds as these funds cannot be released without his consent and directives. Such failure/refusal to liquidate the P14,700,000 clearly casts doubt as to the validity, propriety and legality of the transaction between respondents, causing undue injury to the government and giving unwarranted benefits, advantage or preference to AARON,” the Ombudsman said in its resolution