Finish na: Tommy Osmeña finally gets majority in City Council

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He can rest assured that major reforms will finally push through.

Mayor Tomas Osmeña found a cause for celebration on Monday, July 30. This is after barangay captains in Cebu City voted for their representative to the council, who happened to be his party mate.

“With the landslide at the ABC today, we will finally (finally!) have a friendly majority in the Cebu City Council,” Osmeña shared.

“Isla dela Victoria, Call Center City, the BRT, the Anti-Drug and Rehabilitation Program, finding a proper landfill for the garbage, and collecting the proper taxes so we can afford basic needs like hiring additional traffic enforcers. These are just a few of the things we can now achieve free of obstructionism,” the politiko added, alluding to his experience with a Team Rama council the past three years.

Change has come!