File charges vs street dwellers, Labella tells police

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Cebu City Mayor Edgardo Labella has admitted that the city’s problem on street dwellers has become a “vicious cycle.”

Reacting to the proposal to throw street dwellers into jail, particularly those who keep returning to the streets and actually have their own houses, Labella said he will continue the rescue efforts and file charges in court if needed.

The city government and the police cannot just jail the street dwellers without giving them due process, he added. (

Col. Wilbert Parilla, Cebu City Police Office deputy director for operations, suggested amending the city’s anti-mendicancy ordinance to give it more teeth, after noticing that those they have already rescued return to the streets.

It is about time to include imprisonment as penalty instead of just fine and community service for violators, according to Parilla.

But, Labella believes that the problem is more than just ordinary street dwelling and begging.

It could be an organized operation by a “syndicate,” he also said.