Eradicate illegal gambling in 15 days or be relieved from posts, Iloilo police told

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Iloilo municipal police chiefs have been given 15 days to eradicate illegal gambling or else they will be relieved from their respective posts.

Senior Superintendent Marlon Tayaba, director of the Iloilo Police Provincial Office, said that he summoned the police chiefs under him on July 24 and ordered them to cleanse their respective areas from illegal gambling, such as “bookies,” an illegal numbers game.

Tayaba also warned cops never to accept payola or bribe from illegal gambling operators as they can be held criminally and administratively liable.

The Iloilo province earlier launched at all out war against illegal gambling, which was patterned after the government’s war against illegal narcotics.

Police since then have conducted Oplan Tokhang-like operations where they visit houses of suspected illegal gambling personalities.