Elevators at Mandurriao overpass finally operational

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First, the good news. After several years, the elevators at both sides of an overpass across Diversion Road in Iloilo City’s Mandurriao district are finally operational.

Department of Public Works and Highways-6 Assistant Regional Director Jose Al Fruto said they deployed personnel since last week to monitor the lifts’ operation.

Fruto said they started the operations last week and will soon turn over the operation of the lifts to the city government. The elevators were part of the P19-million overpass project.

Now, the bad news. The turnover of the overpass project may still be in limbo, as the city government refused to sign the documents for it.

The city government had refused to sign the papers until the DPWH accommodates its request for the construction of protective steel gates around the elevators.

Because of this, DPWH-6 has tried to operate the elevators until they finally chose to stop due to lack of maintenance.

Fruto added vandalism on the elevators was rampant due to the lack of personnel to guard the facilities.

For his part, City Engineer Bobby Divinagracia said the city government would accept the contract and the overpass once the steel gates are installed.

However, Mayor Jose Espinosa III said they would first study the elevators to ensure that these are still in working condition before accepting responsibility for them.

Initially, the operations of the elevator would start from 6 am to 10 pm from Monday to Saturday, Fruto said. Sunday will be for the maintenance of the elevators.

The lifts will give priority to elderly, pregnant women, and persons with disabilities.