Edgar Mary Sarmiento: Calbayog fried fish soon to be exported to US

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Samar 1st District Representative Edgar Mary Sarmiento said a private firm will source dried fish from Calbayog City to the United States.

The Samar politiko, who declined to name the company, said the move will enable to firm to cater dried fish to Filipino communities in the U.S.

“There is a great demand for dried fish in the US. We are not yet sure in terms of the number, but we are hoping that Calbayog City and Samar province will be one of the suppliers,” Sarmiento said.

He also said the company already vowed to assist Calbayog in terms of packaging dried fish.

“They also committed to provide a fish drying machine so that people don’t have to rely on sunlight to dry the marine product,” Sarmiento said.