Edgar Chatto thanks supporters for birthday wishes

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Edgar Chatto felt overwhelmed with all the well wishes he received for his special day.

The Bohol congressman posted a thank you message on his Facebook page as a blanket reply to thousands of greetings.

“As I turned another year yesterday, February 21, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I am especially thankful to be surrounded by amazing people,” the politiko said.

“Your lovely wishes and the presents mean so much to me. Thank you for remembering. You made my birthday very special. I feel extremely blessed. I pray for good health, happiness, and love for each and everyone of you and your families. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Daghan kaayong salamat!,” he added.[0]=AZWq_9aBbYO0rayrny2OGuexGCZ2gKmDldSubTZwzPk9IYOSv9BXSTlpDD0nUotiKA7sUB2j8tLqa4l5PxYsJVt002pgBBO3PWy393NuyIodACuE4x_8y1NGBfOv2H-HFZVLqRpwzEEtOk5q-dIrHkJPyE8i0p2qPb5iVMmOBl-ApRIrjmjG4pO6Md1FD8V9Lmk&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R