Eco-adventure ang peg: Antique eyes spillover tourists from Boracay


Antique province is expecting to get a share of “spillover” tourists from newly reopened Boracay Island in neighboring Aklan.

Governor Rhodora Cadiao noted Boracay is again enjoying a surge of tourists following its environmental rehabilitation last year.

“Boracay is now again enjoying the surge of tourists and we would like some of them to visit our province,” Cadiao said (

Flord Nicson Calawag, former provincial tourism officer and now president of Tibiao Calawag Ventures Inc., said they now cater to at least five percent of tourists from Boracay.

Calawag said long-staying guests would go to Antique and experience the diversity of adventures, especially in Tibiao.

Also, Calawag noted the peak season of tourists in Antique is from December to June, adding Antique has good position on eco-adventure.

“Our highlands and beaches are very close. We have a lot to offer from the Sira-an hot spring and Nogas Island in Anini-y, Aningalan Highland Strawberry Garden in San Remigio, various water sport activities in Tibiao, and to complete, we have the sea to summit experience in Mararison, Island,” Calawag said.

Cadiao said they want to maintain the status of Antique as the “rising star of Western Visayas.”

“It is a province where the sky meets the mountain, and the mountains meet the sea. Now, it is being called as the rising star of Western Visayas, we want to maintain the status, we want to get our own slice of heaven in tourism,” she said.

But for now, the governor said they are campaigning to keep highways in the province clean.

“I always tell my barangay captains, and barangay officials to clean up the barangay roads and not only the highways,” she said.

From Feb. 1 to 28 this year, guest arrivals in Boracay Island totaled 172,695. Of these, 115,143 are non-Philippine residents, 52,872 are Philippine residents and 4,680 were overseas Filipinos.