Duterte urged to place Bacolod under ECQ for 2 weeks


Concerned physicians in Bacolod City urged President Rodrigo Duterte and the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases to place the city under enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) for two weeks due to the rapid increase in coronavirus disease (Covid-19) cases.

“We are now the highest in Western Visayas, and there are hundreds of pending results coming in. Some hospitals have declared full Covid-19 capacity. Numerous healthcare workers and frontliners have been admitted or home-quarantined,” Dr. Ma. Ivy Malata, president of the Philippine Medical Association–Canlaon Medical Society, said.

Malata was referring to cases of local transmission. As of July 25, Bacolod City has 78 confirmed cases. (

The city also recorded 70 COVID-positive locally stranded individuals (LSIs) and repatriated overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

“We would like to appeal to the IATF for an ECQ for at least two weeks to help us contain the virus, to help the healthcare system recuperate, and to give us time to institute and implement appropriate interventions, especially with the way LSIs and OFWs are being handled,” Malata said in a letter to Duterte.

“We are not equipped for a full-blast COVID war, Mr. President. We only have a few hospitals, with limited capacity and equipment. We are just a few steps from being the next epicenter, and we fervently hope you can help us prevent that from happening,” she furthered.

Negros Occidental Medical Society president Dr. Robert Puerta made a similar call during a virtual consultation with city government officials.