Duterte says drug lord killed in Negros had 100 cars, billions in bank accounts: Nagpunta ng Australia ang pamilya, ‘di na nagcomplain

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President Rodrigo Duterte said a drug lord recently killed in Negros Province has built a fortune, including a collection of 100 exotic cars.

Duterte, who did not identify the drug lord, said the drug lord’s family packed their bags and went overseas after his death and never made a ruckus .

“May namatay nga doon (Negros) na drug lord. One hundred cars. Mercedes-Benz, tapos may Lamborghini dalawa. His business? Moneylending. Wala akong nakitang moneylending sa Davao,” said Duterte in a speech.

“Yung namatay siya, the family went to Australia. They never complained. Why? Kung buksan ko ‘yung bangko, ‘di makita ko ‘yung billions. One hundred cars, dalawang Lamborghini,” he added.