Duterte hopes US Congress will approve return of Balangiga bells: We’ll be happy if you do


President Rodrigo Duterte continues to hold out hope that the Americans will return the famed Balangiga bells, more than 100 years after they have been seized from a church in Eastern Samar.

In a speech in Balangiga Thursday (September 28), Duterte said he has received word that the Americans are already processing the bells’ return.

“I hope that Congress of America will give the President Trump the authority to return the bells to us,” he said.

Duterte said that while the Americans consider the bells as a war trophy, they are more than objects for Filipinos.

In a departure from his usually caustic tone towards Americans, Duterte said he was not angry at them over the looting.

“We are just saying that those bells would touch in the core of our existence as a Filipino,” he said.