Duterte effect: CDO implements 22-year old curfew ordinance

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The Cagayan de Oro City jumped on the bandwagon of president-elect Rodrigo R. Duterte by implementing for the first time in 22 years a dusk-to-dawn curfew on minors

In a report by the Philippine News Agency, the Cagayan De Oro City Council ordered for implementation Ordinance No. 4373-94 that imposes a 10:00 p.m. – 5:00 a.m. curfew on individuals 15 years old and below. The ordinanance was approved during the time of then Mayor Pablo P. Magtajas in 1994, which was never implemented.

From Magtajas, three other city mayors who followed simply archived the curfew ordinance until Duterte announced that he would impose a nationwide curfew for minors if elected into office.

When Duterte won the May 9 presidential elections this year, the city government found it timely to impose the city ordinance to complement with the national curfew for minors, which other major cities in the country have started to implement such as Mandaluyong, Pasay, and Cebu as all of these LGUs have an existing curfew ordinance directed against minors.

Without waiting for Duterte’s declaration of a national curfew for minors, the City’s Social Welfare Development (CSWD) has started to tap the village officials to start implementing the curfew for minors in their villages.

Teddy Sabuga-a, the acting head of the CSWD, said that the village officials are rallying to as-sist the city government and the local police in the implementation of the curfew for minors.

He said that the purpose of the Curfew Ordinance is to protect the minors from all forms of crime that might likely occur in the critical hours from “dusk to dawn.”