Duterte can’t believe Cebu mayor Loot still alive: ‘Di mamatay-matay ang g*go

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President Rodrigo Duterte appears to be amazed that Daanbantayan, Cebu mayor Vicente Loot remains alive despite the threats to his life.

In a speech in Boracay Thursday (November 8), Duterte expressed surprise that Loot, a retired police general whom he has linked to the illegal drug trade, was still alive.

“Iyan si Loot ilang beses na na-ambush. Ewan ko kung sino. Hindi mamatay-matay ang g***, armored kasi yung…,” he said, without finishing the sentence.

He recalled meeting with mayors from all over the country early in his term to warn them against getting involved in illegal drugs. The President said he cursed Loot in the Palace and warned that he would kill him.

“Sinabi ko talaga, ‘P***** i** mo, Loot. Huwag mo akong… Do not go into a make believe world na general ka basta nalang magawa mo gusto mo. P***** i**, papatayin kita,'” Duterte shared.

Last May, Loot and his family survived an ambush when unidentified men fired at the boat they just alighted from at the port in Maya village, Daanbantayan.