Duke Frasco wants Liloan to become a city


The former mayor has filed a bill in Congress to turn his dream into reality.

Cebu Rep. Duke Frasco has started the process of upgrading Liloan from a first-class municipality into a city.

The politiko took the initiative this October through House Bill 5032, which will level up the town into a component city in Cebu. He knows Liloan has a lot more to offer, and becoming a city would definitely make things happen.

“Cityhood will undoubtedly open the floodgates of a multitude of additional economic opportunities for the people of Liloan. We will have greater capacity to double or even triple our delivery of services in education, health and social services and public infrastructure. Most of all, cityhood will ensure the further betterment of the quality of life of the people of Liloan and our neighboring communities,” Frasco said.

Will his campaign promise finally be fulfilled? Stay tuned.