DOH-6 reiterates real cleanup campaign vs dengue


Cleanup operations in dengue-vulnerable communities in Western Visayas should be the real thing and should not be just for photo ops, the Department of Health in the region said.

The DOH-6 cited the need for more thorough cleanups targeting the breeding grounds of dengue-carrying mosquitoes to stem the dengue outbreak in Western Visayas.

DOH-Center for Heatlh Development Regional Director Marlyn Convocar noted cleanup activities only involved street sweeping which does not eliminate breeding sites of mosquitoes which spread dengue (

She said cleanups should target areas such as those with stagnant water, and should go beyond “sweeping and photo ops.”

The DOH noted that from June 1 to July 13, there have been 230 dengue cases recorded per day in the region.

Once the breeding sites are destroyed, Convocar said the number of dengue cases can be controlled by half.

Meanwhile, Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Trenas issued an executive order declaring a dengue outbreak in Iloilo City on Monday.

Earlier, the region declared a dengue outbreak in all of the five provinces of Iloilo, Aklan, Capiz, Antique, and Guimaras.