Dog vaccination in Iloilo at 68.7 percent


Only 68.7 percent of dogs in Iloilo have been vaccinated against rabies in 2018, the Provincial Veterinarian’s Office (PVO) said.

The PVO said this means 173,672 of the 252,976 dogs in the province are “protected” from rabies – two percent short of its 70-percent coverage target.

Still, PVO Veterinarian IV Dr. Darel Tabuada said the province performed better in 2018 compared to 2017’s 59-percent coverage or 150,484 out of 251,481 dogs.

Badiangan town reached 113.7 percent or 4,390 out of 3,862; Dumangas had 101.9 percent vaccination accomplishment or 8,986 vaccinated out of 8,815 population; and Mina had a 100.3 percent vaccination coverage or 4,454 out of 4,439.

Tabuada noted that most municipalities in the first and second district had wide vaccination coverage.

But he said there is much room for improvement in the fifth district where Alimodian only reached 3 percent vaccination coverage (150 of 4,621); Batad with 13.1 percent (360 of 2,745); and Sara with 21.1 percent (645 of 3,058).

He said this may be due to the lack of personnel in some areas.

Tabuada said the PVO has called the attention of the local chief executives of towns with low vaccination coverage.

These towns have a vaccination coverage target of 70 percent.

For the vaccination work force, Tabuada said one livestock technician per municipality will suffice.

Also, Tabuada said one constraint of the PVO is the lack of assurance of the supply of rabies vaccine from the Bureau of Animal Industry.

Iloilo is currently using the buffer stock of rabies vaccine from 2018.