Dodod Cadiao plays Facebook fairy for this kid with leukemia

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Her mercy and compassion transcends the online realm.

Governor Rhodora “Dodod” Cadiao recently found out about the dire situation of Ria May Baghari, a resident of Barbaza town in Antique living with leukemia.

Despite her young age, she is unable to live a normal kid’s life as she battles the disease, leaving her weak and bloated at times.

Cadiao covered her condition recently and instructed her team to get in touch with Baghari’s family to meet her in person.

“Since then, the governor has been helping her in her medication,” the governor’s office said.

This is Ria May Cacayan Baghari, a Leukemia patient from Embrangga-an, Barbaza. A month ago, Gov. Dodod saw her post…

Posted by Cadiao Cares on Sunday, August 12, 2018