Dito na kayo! Jerry Treñas offers to absorb laid-off Iloilo city hall workers


He’s promising to find new jobs for them.

Congressman Jerry Treñas has been calling out Mayor Jose Espinosa III for allegedly displacing hundreds of contractual workers in the Iloilo City Hall with a mass layoff.

Treñas, who will run against Espinosa in the May 13 elections, said he is working to find new work for them and even said that some were already absorbed in their family business.

The condition: he has to be the next mayor to make it happen.

“To the hundreds of job-hires who were laid-off from work, Cong. Jerry P. Treñas will try his very best to provide new jobs for you if he starts his new term as a City Mayor,” the politiko said.

“Some of them were already given jobs in the businesses of Cong. Treñas’ family. And if we continue to work hand and hand, we can give hope to every family affected by the mass lay-off of the City Hall.”