Destined! Chedz Alvarez reveals her HS experience of climbing up the Speaker’s podium

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It was practice for the real thing years later.

Congresswoman Mercedes “Chedz” Alvarez of Negros Occidental felt bittersweet as she was counting the remaining days in Congress as she completes her three terms.

This third regular session is definitely the highlight of her politiko career as she was chosen to be one of the Deputy Speakers — the second-highest position on the floor. However, Alvarez revealed a serendipitous ocasion two decades back.

She shares that her first time to rise to the Speaker’s podium was back in fourth year high school, when her father was the congressman.

“There was no session at the time, and he asked security if his daughter can go up the Speaker’s podium. I gamely did, held the gavel, and posed while my father took my picture,” Alvarez recalled as she was presiding the last session before Congress’ long break.

“It was but a whimsical dream, one that I never imagined 20 years later would be given to me, to hold the gavel as a deputy speaker.”

“It has both been an honor and a privilege, to have been among amazing friends, (colleagues and staff) in Congress. This extra tall girl who always wears 4-inch heels will miss you! In the long hours that we have shared together, memories were made and will forever be cherished by me.”

What a solid run!