Delikado gid! Treñas asks Ilonggos to skip holiday parties


As coronavirus continues to spread, Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas does not advise Ilonggos to reunite with friends and relatives over the holidays.

It is still “very risky” to hold Christmas merrymakings, where physical distancing is difficult to observe, according to Treñas.

The mayor recently issued Executive Order No. (EO) 194 setting the rules for holiday events as the city remains under general community quarantine for the entire month of December. (

Under EO 194, Treñas discouraged work or non-family-related Christmas gatherings but suggested an alternative – virtual get-together held within premises of one’s home.

Even if the gatherings are among family members, Treñas emphasized that attendees should still observe standard minimum health protocols.

He also encouraged to practice non-contact means of greeting elders and other family members; refrain from gift exchanges and servings/consuming alcoholic drinks; and among others.

As to the conduct of gift-giving and other philanthropic activities, persons or establishments conducting these activities must ensure that standard health protocols such as wearing of face mask and face shields and strict physical distancing are strictly observed.

Treñas’ order also prohibited the traditional caroling or the act of going house to house to sing Christmas carols.